The Little Mermaid

|The Little Mermaid| Chapter 3

“Here you go,” Kyron handed a small jewelry box to Kristene. “Hope you like it, my little robin.”

“What is it for, Master?” She opened the box, and there was a purple bracelet inside. “Thank you. I do like it.”

“I don’t need a reason to get you a present.”

They were on the island once again, and Kristene was sitting on the rock with Kyron right next to her, so she leaned over and gave him a hug. Then, she dipped her tail into the water and raised it again. “Look, Master, it glitters.” She giggled.

He poked her forehead. “Little girl.”

“You know what Miles said yesterday?”


“He said we’re a couple. How funny is that?”

Kyron gave a cold chuckle. “Stupid people can’t understand our type of bond, so they just call it romance.”

“Right? Just because a male and female are close, doesn’t mean they are lovers. Besides, a siren would never have a lover.”

“Never mind them,” he said. “You’re my little robin.”

She nodded.

Then, they both turned around. “Oh. That guy.” was Kyron’s comment.

“Today is his final visit.”

“Come when you’re done.” Leaving this behind, he flew away.

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