Legend | Chapter 3

“Jessibellanice Ashmck, eh?” a girl mused. She was one of the curious ones about the “new student”—curious about the pronunciation of my name, curious about the color of my eyes, curious about how I came to transfer to them.

“Yes, that’s me,” I answered. “The last name is ‘ASH-mick’.” Not so far away, Legend was messing around with other boys, apparently paying us girls no attention. He’d just got pushed to a wall. I witnessed the scene from the corner of my eye, without looking at them directly.

“Hmm…” Brea pouted, looking at me with a baffled expression.

“What is it?”


“Jess is fine. That name is too long, isn’t it?” I suggested with a smile.

“Indeed! Then, Jess, excuse my rudeness, but why are your eyes red?”

As the rest of the class turned and focused their attention on the two of us—they probably thought Brea meant “red eyes” as the puffy eyes one gets when one cries, when it was actually the color of my irises that she was asking about—Legend did too. Brea had her back to our newfound audience, she didn’t notice how everyone except Legend threw almost identical alarmed looks at us. She didn’t notice how Legend’s expression turned from a playful one to a serene one in a matter of milliseconds. The rest of the class, they were too busy being alarmed to notice that Legend’s expression was different from theirs.

My eyes met his. I confirmed that it was the same look I had seen under the cherry blossom tree. My ruby red eyes focused back on Brea. As if seeing that I had recognized him for certain, he averted his gaze.

“I don’t know either!” I answered lightly, “Don’t these eyes of mine look like those in vampire movies?”

At this, Legend threw me a sharp look that almost shut me up.

“They do!” Brea exclaimed. “It’s so cool! I mean, you’re not even albino, but you have red eyes. Your hair too, is bluish black, but this pink streak, how did you get it? Didn’t the school scold you for it?”

Yes, I had straight bluish black hair. The color was rather strange, but since it was more black than blue, it could still pass. “Oh, my hair colors are natural. All of them.”

“Including that pink streak?”

“Including that pink streak.”

There came an almost inaudible sigh, from somewhere in the room. He’d never spoken to me, but it had to be him.
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