The Little Mermaid II

|The Little Mermaid II| Chapter 3

“Yes, he received your mail,” Giada was telling a girl–one of Kyron’s admirers–who was standing at his door. At the moment, Kyron was in fact sitting calmly in the living room, listening to every word. He and Kristene silently waited for the exchange to end. “He won’t reply because he’s had enough of you,” Giada went on explaining, as briefly as possible.

“Just let me talk to him one last time please?” the girl pleaded.

Kristene glanced at Kyron, inquiring with a tilt of her head. In response, Kyron shook his head. Soon, their attention was directed back at the conflict at the door, as the poor girl tried to barge through.

“Wait,” Giada said. She banged the door shut–with some force. Then, with her back now against the door, she caught Kristene’s eye, and nodded towards the corridor. Kristene swam out of sight. After that, Giada opened the door again. “Just five minutes.”

“I don’t want to talk to you.” These were Kyron’s first words before the girl even fully entered the house. “Get out.”

Even though he said so, Giada knew it would take some time before he actually got the girl out of the house. She moved into the corridor, where Kristene was. Upon seeing her, the siren moved along and swam into one of the rooms. Giada followed.

“He really does have a lot of fans,” Giada noted, rolling her eyes. “They don’t even realize they’re not worth his time.” She must have been speaking to Kristene, but she wasn’t looking at her. Instead, she was flipping a magazine aimlessly.

Kristene knew better than to reply. She floated in the water behind Giada, just listening.

“To be honest, I don’t think anyone besides me is worth his time,” Giada continued, shrugging. “But it’s his choice, I’ll respect that.”

Kristene let herself sink into the water, letting the water block out Giada’s voice.

“I wonder what it’s like to always have such an unbreakable wall between you and him.” Giada closed the magazine, staring at the cover now. “Literally a wall, given that you have to be in the water and all. No offense or anything, I’m just wondering. You could never actually hug him or anything of that sort.”

Some bubbles came out through Kristene’s lips, a sign of sighing. However, Giada wouldn’t see, and wouldn’t hear, because Kristene was along the wall behind her. The water and the glass wall together wouldn’t be enough to block out Giada’s voice, she reckoned. When she thought it was about time Kyron’s conversation with the girl ended, Kristene emerged from the water, perching on the brink with her hands under her chin.

Having heard some noise from the wall, Giada turned around to look at the siren. The first thing she noticed–the only thing she noticed, in fact–was the purple bracelet on Kristene’s wrist. Kristene couldn’t have bought it herself. “Is that from Kyron?”

Kristene only smiled. Avoid contact with Giada, she thought to herself.

“Nice,” Giada commented absent-mindedly. “It’s probably about time. See you.” She stood and walked out the door, waving the magazine without turning to look at Kristene.

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