Gods | Chapter 4

In the days that followed, Beatris and Mingan each occupied a wall in Cleathan Hall. He knew more about her, and she seemed to notice it. They stood in front of opposite walls, staring at each other. When he observed others and tried to figure out what exactly went wrong with Cleathan Hall, she watched him do it.

“Cleathan Hall champagne,” she mouthed.

So, Mingan paid more attention to the champagne, and found out that he might have known the answer before he was told. After all, he’d developed a habit of not drinking it.

“What are you?” he’d asked from his side of Cleathan Hall.

She shook her head, and made a gesture of “kill”.

“Pauloc,” he mouthed.

Beatris raised her left hand and pointed at her ring finger. “Husband,” she answered.


She cradled the air. “Baby.”


No answer. She disappeared from her original spot in a blink.

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