The Little Mermaid

|The Little Mermaid| Chapter 4

“Hi, Rob,” Kristene greeted the male first.

“Kristene, oh Kristene,” The guy called Rob knelt before her. “Will you marry me?”

“You’ve gone mad, Rob. I won’t marry.”

“I haven’t gone mad. I can do anything for you. Please?”

“No. But come here, Rob. Follow me.” Saying this, she dived into the water, leading him to a cave on the island. He followed. At the mouth of the cave, she stopped and waited.

Rob stood in front of that cave, and looked inside. To his horror, there were piles and piles of human bones, and nothing but human bones. When he glanced over at the siren Kristene, he seemed to understand something. When he saw the eerie smile on her face, he felt more certain.

“Today will be your last visit, Rob,” she said in the same calm, seductive tone. “You can stay here forever.”


“You love me, don’t you?”


“Then you won’t mind if you stay with me forever on this island, in this cave.” It sounded more like a challenge than an invitation.

“But…I…never mind…” He started to back away.

“You do know this is an island, right?” she mused. “You took a boat here, and the one who took you here was Kyron, who’s flown away with that boat.”


“I’m a siren, Rob. Everybody knows that.”

“But you were always so sweet…how could you be…”

“You can’t love somebody when you don’t even know them. And besides, you know, you’re nothing special. All of them–” there she pointed at the corpses in the cave– “swore they loved me too. They all tried to run away. But this is my nature, Rob. If you love me as much as you claim to, how could you not accept my nature?”

He simply shook his head.

“That’s why love doesn’t exist.”

Up till the last moment, however sharp her tongue was, her voice was sweet as honey. It was as if the poison was a built-in part of the sweetness that lured these would-be corpses to her island, and that in the end, there was only one possible outcome–die in the hands of the one you loved most.

Often times, she was the only one these men had ever loved.

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