Legend | Chapter 4

The look Legend gave me was always the same—serious, solemn, mixed with a hint of hatred, and perhaps a little teensy bit of protectiveness. It was confusing. We had never met before, so how could the way he looked at me be made up of so many different emotions? I was curious to know, but the invisible wall between us seemed too thick to be broken through. The silence and distance between us was created by none other than Legend, and he seemed determined to keep it there.

Hatred. It was when he tried to never be in the same room as I was, ever. It couldn’t be helped during classes, but when break came, if I was sitting in the classroom, he would immediately walk out, or at least linger in a corner farthest away from me. Hatred. It was when he threw away sample essays whenever they were mine. Whenever classmates were supposed to rate one another, he wouldn’t even bother looking at my slot, he would leave it blank. Hatred. It was when I knew he avoided being grouped with me, at all costs. It was the intensity of the glare he would give me every time I crossed his path.

Protectiveness, was just as much as the hatred. The school’s basketball court was in between the cafeteria and swimming pool. That afternoon, I was walking with Brea from the pool to the cafeteria, passing through the basketball court. Legend was with his friends, practicing for a match. Brea and I were walking along the side, trying not to get in their way. Still, halfway through, a basketball came hurling at us. Since I was closer to it than Brea was, the ball was in fact hurling towards me. I didn’t have much time to react, and Brea looked like she was all prepared to scream a warning. However, just as the ball was about to hit me, a hand smacked it away from my head. Next thing I knew, Legend was bouncing the basketball as naturally as if nothing dangerous was about to happen.

“Whoa, Drew, you do notice the girl, huh?” one of the guys taunted.

“What?” He defended. “Weren’t we playing ball?” Then he turned to Brea. “Watch out for your friends.”

Almost involuntarily, he gave me a glance. Our eyes met for just one second, and that was it.

Aside from the fact that he was paying me attention without speaking to me—consequently, I had no idea what was up with him—and the fact that I had seen him in a dream of mine before I even met him, there was something else that perked up my curiosity.

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