|Rella| Chapter 5

“Are you planning to go to this month’s masked ball?” Sharon asked once they were in the restaurant.

“Maybe we can go somewhere else this month.” Roderick smirked.

“Like where?” Sharon frowned a little.

However, Roderick didn’t notice. “A late night baseball game, then watch a home movie?”

“No. Masked ball.” Sharon frowned more obviously now.

“We go there every month.”

“What’s the problem with that?”

“Nothing, just…”

“Just?” Sharon was fuming up. Where was the reason for that?

“Just for this month, can we do something I like? Something more casual and less high-class?”

Sharon stared at his blue eyes, his dark brown hair, the well-toned muscles, and his delicate features. “You know what? You’ve got to do what I want.”

Roderick sighed, shaking his head.

She was shocked. “No?”

“We’ve been through this too many times, Sharon. This isn’t going to work.”

“I’m going home.” Sharon stood up.

“Let me drive you home,” Roderick offered, giving as much patience as he could.


“How will you get home if–”

“Cleo.” With that, she stormed off, already calling Cleo to pick her up, leaving Roderick sighing to himself.

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