The Little Mermaid II

|The Little Mermaid II| Chapter 5

Kyron and Giada were in their little dark room, staring at the crystal ball that belonged to Giada. The scene in the sphere was incredibly dangerous for the both of them, making their hearts pound, so hard that they thought the other could also hear it.

“He’s stirred,” Giada said. “Lord Asa is finally stirring.”

Kyron said nothing. He observed the change. In the crystal ball, Lord Asa raised his head, and the eyes–which had been closed for years–shot open, revealing a piercing blue. Those eyes seemed to see right through the confined space which he was in, glaring straight at Giada and Kyron.

Giada gasped. “Awakening.”

“I’ll warn Kristene about this,” Kyron said.

“Yeah, do that.” Giada nodded. “Hell breaks loose if they form an alliance against us.”

“I agree.”

“I wonder what Lord Asa is up to now.”

“Take over the world, no doubt.”

As Kyron said those words, the blue eyes glared at them again, this time accompanied with a Cheshire grin.

“Can he see us?” Giada finally asked, in discomfort.

“He shouldn’t be able to, but he’s the devil, so who knows?”

“You don’t seem very worried, Kyron.”

“I am worried. I’ll go now.” With this, he retreated from the room, in search of Kristene.

Giada’s gaze followed him out of the room. They were both worried, but neither was concerned about the world. Giada knew full well that Kyron was only concerned about losing Kristene, and the witch herself was only concerned about losing him. He should tell Lady Kristene about Lord Asa, and Kirstene would join the devil, because they were the same type of creature after all, even if Kyron was the one who raised her. With Kristene gone, Kyron would finally only look at Giada.


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