The Little Mermaid II

|The Little Mermaid II| Chapter 6

Half of her expectations came true. Kristene chose to follow Lord Asa, and Kyron lost her. After that, Kyron had more time for Giada.

He had more time for her, but he didn’t spend it with her–he didn’t spend more time with Giada than he had before. Instead, he focused more on his wizardry. Bathed in the relief that Kristene was no longer there, Giada didn’t notice this at first. It was when Danica visited them one day that she was struck by the truth.

The doorbell rang, and unlike Kristene, Kyron and Giada weren’t able to tell it was Danica just by the sound of the doorbell–Kristene was the one who was sensitive to sounds. When Kyron opened the door, he was immediately greeted by the warm smile on Danica’s face.

“Hi!” she said to both Kyron and Giada. “How are you both?”

“I’m great,” Giada answered with a beam. “How about you?”

Kyron, instead of answering, put his wizardry materials away to make space for Danica. “Take a seat if you’d like,” he said.

“I’m good too,” Danica answered. “Is Kristene not here?”


“She followed the devil to the North,” Kyron finally answered after a few minutes. “She betrayed us. Both you and me, Danica. All the years that we spent together, she threw away for the devil.”

“Well, she’s a dark creature herself,” Giada said. “It makes sense.”

“Wait, wait. I’m not following.” Danica raised her arms as if in surrender. “Is ‘the devil’ that you’re speaking of, Lord Asa?”

“Yeah, Lord Asa,” Giada answered.

“Wasn’t he locked up?”

“I saw from my crystal ball that he was stirring, then Kyron warned Kristene.”

“But instead of taking my advice, she went straight to him,” Kyron added in resentment. “They took my wings too. She’s not the same sweet girl you knew anymore.”

Danica put on a thoughtful expression. “I don’t think Kris is that kind of person. Giada, you said you were looking at Lord Asa through your crystal ball?”

“She’s changed, whether you believe it or not,” Kyron insisted.

“Yeah,” Giada told Danica.

“What is he doing now?” Danica ignored Kyron’s statement, knowing she wouldn’t be able to convince him at this point. She asked Giada for the crystal ball instead.

“The crystal ball shattered.”


“Lord Asa probably broke it from wherever he was. His power is no longer chained,” Kyron said. “That’s why I’m putting more effort into my skills, in case they do decide to bring hell on earth.”

“Kris wouldn’t.” It was the first time Kyron realized that Danica was just as stubborn as he was, if not more so. Back when Kristene was around, there was no single occasion where Danica had to stand up for someone against him. She’d simply agreed with Kristene, and Kristene had always agreed with him, until Lord Asa came around.

“But she betrayed us,” Kyron insisted.

As Kyron and Danica went on, one defending Kristene against the other, Giada sat back in desperate silence. She’d thought Kyron was focusing on her now, but the truth, as revealed by Danica’s inquiries, was that he was working on his wizardry to prepare for the day when he would meet the siren again.

The siren never left his mind, all this time.

Giada sighed. What went wrong in her calculation? Kyron should be focusing on her now, not working in preparation for someone he might never meet again.

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