|Gods| Chapter 7

Beatris felt fresh as soon as she stepped out of the pool, dry. There seemed to be no change in the baby. She didn’t know what would happen to a half-human in the pool, but in this case, it was probably nothing.

As soon as she looked up again, she saw that Mingan had reached the pool.

“Ooh…the first one,” a voice said. The voice belonged to one of Beatris’s fellow gods. Five were in the cave now, apparently gathering for something.

“What is the event?” Beatris murmured in question.

“Mingan, first human to slide into the pool. We have come to inspect the damage.” another god said.


“And to check on your progress with Pauloc…” said yet another.

Mingan, at this point, got up from the pool. He stood as though unaffected. “So…which one of you was the one who influenced me and made me jump into this slide?” he asked, fixing his hair.

Beatris looked at him.

Mingan looked at her.

She nodded towards one of the gods.

“I see,” he mumbled.

“What changed in you, dude?” said the god with the mind power.

Mingan held a palm out. From his long black sleeve, a green snake slid out, hissing. When Mingan lowered his arm again, the snake vanished.

“We have twelve gods now,” a god said. “Fellows, let’s keep this a secret.”

Mingan extended his arms toward Beatris. Reluctantly, she passed the baby to him.

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