The Little Mermaid II

|The Little Mermaid II| Chapter 7

“Pfft.” Kitty–also known as Lady Kristene–snickered as she watched the scene shown in a hologram rising from Asa’s upward-turned palm.

“Have you seen enough, little kitten?” Asa asked with a hand on his hip.

“Yes, thank you,” Kitty answered.

Lord Asa closed his opened palm into a fist, folding the hologram with the motion. Then, with the same hand, he ruffled Kitty’s hair. “So full of yourself now, Kitty. You were still worried about them some time ago.”

“Things change, okay? Don’t play with my hair, it’s my weapon.” She flapped her wings to fly a few steps away from Asa, fixing her hair.

“Your weapon is your voice. It doesn’t really matter what you look like as long as you have that evil voice. But then,” Asa raised a hand to his chin, thinking. “I didn’t expect it to go so smoothly.”

“I am the world’s greatest puppeteer,” Kitty claimed. “Giada pays. Kyron pays. Respectively for what they did to me.”

“I almost feel sorry for them.” Asa shrugged–obviously not caring what would happen to the magician duo. “The girl went into all that length to become the center of his attention, only to find that all her scheming was in vain. And the guy–I don’t even want to talk about him.”

Kitty laughed at that. “You have reason to act against him too, Asa.” She darted into the water then, swimming around in excited circles in the devil’s lair–a different lair than the one Giada and Kyron had been monitoring, given that they had already conquered a few other regions easily since they’d last met Kyron– “Look at him, still letting me occupy so much of his time and space, mind and heart. Having him borrow my wings for years and years and withstanding Giada’s insults seem worth it now.”

“Heh…” Asa pierced his slightly clawed hand into the water, right in front of Kitty, so that she was forced to stop and look up at him. The siren, who’d never before been interrupted in swimming, squeaked in surprise. “I don’t like it much that you want to be in his heart,” he hissed.

Kitty raised her head. She grabbed the hand in front of her in the water, placing her other hand on the devil’s shoulder. He lifted her up from the water. Her golden tresses, the only thing that covered her bare chest, continued to glow. Her wings supported her once she was out of the water, and with his hand on her waist, they looked as though they were preparing to dance.

“You don’t like it much?” she whispered.

“I don’t.”

“How much do you dislike it?”

“Should I show you?”

“If you dare.”

The fetching smirks on their faces grew.

And then their lips met.

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