|Rella| Chapter 8

“What did you do while I was at the ball last night?” Roderick asked Cleo the next day while they were playing basketball.

“I slept, of course,” Cleo answered matter-of-factly.

“You didn’t watch the game?”

Cleo threw the ball into his stomach. He grunted. “All of you went dancing. What’s the point of watching a game if there’s no one to watch it with?”

Roderick smiled. “You should’ve gone to the ball last night.”


“There was a really good jazz dancer.” He threw the ball back at her stomach, but she caught it.

“Jazz dancer?”

“Her name is Rella and she’s mute. Ever heard of her?”

“Nope,” Cleo said, then eyed him skeptically. “Don’t tell me you fell for her.”

“She is a great dancer.” Roderick shrugged.

Cleo swore under her breath.

Hearing this, he dropped the ball and walked closer to her. ” Maybe you could try dancing with me to see if I’ll like you instead.”

She slapped his arm playfully. “Or maybe you could try getting your basketball back.” With that, Cleo snatched the ball from the ground and fled, with Roderick running close behind.

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