Gods | Chapter 8

A while later, the other gods were gone, leaving only Mingan and Beatris in the cave. Mingan kept he baby in his arms as he asked Beatris all that he wanted to know, and listened as she answered.

“I don’t have a voluntary power,” she explained. “I automatically absorb life source from humans when we touch. Or if we are within a certain distance. Pauloc is immune, so we were able to get together, but the baby isn’t.”

Mingan nodded. “You could…”

Just when he was about to make a suggestion, there came the sound of footsteps, from the side without the pool.

“Beatris,” a shadow called.

“Pauloc,” Beatris recognized.

Pauloc approached them. He gave no reaction to the sight of the baby in Mingan’s arms. Instead, he asked Mingan, “You are…?”


“That’s not what I asked.”


Pauloc nodded. He then gazed at Beatris. From the presence of an expression, he got his answer and solution.

Beatris nodded. The two hugged.

Mingan handed the baby over to Pauloc. As Pauloc left, he said, “Be happy.”

“You too,” Beatris replied.

Beatris never left the cave again. She never went to Cleathan Hall again. She held herself captive inside the cave, with Mingan being the only one who traveled here and there, bringing her news of the world. As for Pauloc, he ended up raising a child with a weak heart.


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