The Little Mermaid II

|The Little Mermaid II| Chapter 8

“She’s in the North with Lord Asa, right?” Danica asked. “If you know where she is, why don’t you see her and confirm for yourself whether she’s changed?”

Danica had arrived in the morning, and it was the evening already–they were still debating over Kristene.

“I don’t need to. The fact that she hasn’t visited even once confirms that she’s changed,” Kyron said.

“Or she was evil from the start, you just didn’t see it,” Giada cut in.

“Kris is not that kind of person. She must have her reasons.”

“You’ve been blinded,” Kyron said.

“Why did you monitor Lord Asa in the first place, Giada?” Danica asked. Kyron turned to look at the witch as well. “Kyron, if you never told Kris, she might not have gone to Lord Asa, even out of curiosity. Giada, you knew this, didn’t you?”

Giada shrugged.

“If you knew he would tell her, and you knew she would look for Lord Asa afterwards, why did you still monitor Lord Asa? Without Kris’s voice, he could never have broken free, it wasn’t necessary to stalk him.”

“That’s not stalking!” Giada immediately defended. Danica narrowed her eyes in suspicion of that reaction. “I was doing it to protect the South, at least.”

“Do you really care about the whole region?” Danica questioned.

“Not in that sense, but the South is Kyron’s territory, and I care about Kyron. Monitoring Lord Asa was for protecting Kyron’s interests.”

Danica tilted her head. Kyron fell into utter silence. Some logic around there was off. Giada hadn’t revealed the whole truth, but one thing was clear–she’d wanted Kristene to go to Lord Asa.

After this, Danica stood up. “I have work tomorrow. I’ll leave for now. Thanks for having me today, guys.” With a smile on her face, she went to the door. “I will look for Kris, Kyron, even if you don’t.”

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