Rella | Chapter 9

At basketball practice, every teammate surrounded Roderick.

“Hey, I recognized your dance moves! It was you that took the girl away, right?” one said.

“What’s her number? Did you get it?” another asked.

“I didn’t take her away, and I don’t have her number,” Roderick defended.

“Dude,” a quiet voice mumbled near him. He turned to see Sharon’s new boyfriend. “The girl was even better than Sharon.

“Don’t let Sharon hear that,” Roderick mumbled back.

Outside the basketball court, a blonde was glaring at her ex and current boyfriend. There was no doubt that they both admired the attention-seeking jazz dancer.

She called Cleo.

“Now, everyone likes her. Even my boyfriend! I saw her dancing, and okay, she was good at it. But so what? Under all that makeup and the mask, she’s probably really ugly. And I heard she disappeared halfway through the ball, too. She’s playing her game well, but I doubt she’ll hold it long!” Sharon was ranting on and on.

“Mm-hm. Yeah. I know, right? I agree. Okay, bye.” Cleo, as usual, was only half-listening.

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