The Little Mermaid

|The Little Mermaid| Chapter 9

The chains shook along with her voice, as if they had ears, and they slowly turned ice blue, as if reacting to her tune, as if the chains were made out of emotions. At last, they broke, and Asa’s eyes closed for a second, immersing into the darkness all around. When the eyes opened again, Kristene could see more of him than just his eyes.

Lord Asa wore the frame of a lean young man, with ordinary clothes and ordinary auburn hair. His hair was tousled, leaving a wild impression. His eyes, when they weren’t glowing in the dark like they had been just a song ago, still radiated the look of a predator, one that was constantly hunting, constantly looking for prey.

That was Kristene’s first impression of Lord Asa.

Lady Kristene, she wore the frame of an ordinary mermaid, the only difference being that her tail wasn’t colorful but black, and she had a pair of tiny black wings on her back. She was naked but covered perfectly with her golden mane, her eyes were two deep wells of charm, as was her voice. It was as if the purpose of her existence was to draw men in for her to devour.

That was Asa’s first impression of Lady Kristene.

As they observed each other, they knew their power was equal–the power to destroy. They were powerless in constructing anything innocent and good. They saw each other as prey, and at the same time, they recognized the danger of the predator in one another.

“Free at last!” Asa exclaimed, stretching his limbs. The dark shadows around him were gone for the moment. Some of his bones cracked from long-term inactivity.

“Your bones sound old,” Kristene mocked.

“Your voice doesn’t sound too charming right now.” He returned dagger for dagger.

“Then, my wings?” she inquired.

“Of course, your wings.” Asa sat on the ground before her, resting his chin on his fingers and smirking up at her as he thought of what he was about to tell. “Are you ready? You don’t look that mentally strong.”

“I’m strong enough to have never been bound,” she said, referring to his chains.

He nodded then. “Alright, your wings.”

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