|Legend| Chapter 9

The wedding attire was a red silky gown. The style was simple and traditional, with two long, wide sleeves, the hem of the dress reaching my ankles, and sashes around my waist. The dress went with matching ballet flats. There was no makeup of any sort, nor any kind of hairdo. According to the witch, this was to keep me as “original” as possible.

In half an hour, Legend and I were standing in front of the witch again, properly dressed for the occasion. There were only the three of us and Lark, who served as a guard. They wanted the ceremony to be secret, so that no unnecessary attention would be attracted until Legend had the access to power.

Lark kept his thin lips in a grin, standing by the door like a mannequin.

“Place your hands here,” the witch said to both of us, gesturing at the crystal ball. Silently, we did as we were told.

“Say your vows,” she said again. There was a wooden plank on the table, and we began to read from it.

Unfortunately, before we even finished saying the first line, the door opened. In swarmed a mob of smirking beautiful people. At the very front of the mob was a person who appeared to be the leader. His wide grin revealed sharp fangs inside his mouth. He had messy sandy blond hair, a pair of sharp emeralds for eyes, and it might have been my imagination, but there were traces of dried blood on his lips. His gaze was locked on Legend.

“Thank god we made it in time,” the vampire said.

“Who told you?” Legend demanded.

Lark slipped out of the door.

Legend sighed. “I see.” He stepped in front of me, blocking me from their sight. It was a subtle action, since it looked like he was just stepping up to the vampire mob, and not shielding me on purpose. But the vampire, he seemed to know Legend better than he should.

“That’s the bride, then?” He gave a single-shoulder shrug. “It must be.”

In the blink of an eye, he was between Legend and me, although he had been in front of Legend just a moment ago. He studied me closely, especially my red irises. He lifted a pale hand to trace the pink streak in my hair. “You are intriguing,” he commented.

I said nothing. There was no movement of the witch, as though it was not her part to take sides. Legend found himself standing in between the vampire leader and the rest of his mob. He had only half of the physical power that they had, since he was half human.

I caught a moment of contemplation in Legend’s eyes as he stared at the leader of the vampires, calculating. As the vampire was busy tracing my streak, Legend whipped a hand into the little distance between that vampire and me, grabbing his throat and tossing him into his mob. At the same time, he pulled me in with the other arm, closing the distance between us, now making it impossible for vampires to suddenly appear before me.

“I was careless,” Legend admitted. “It’s been a while since we last…talked, Zane.”

The vampire leader scoffed, “It has. But you see all my brothers and sisters here?” He spread his arms, boasting about the mob behind him, all of them ready to pounce anytime. “Let’s get him, y’all,” he commanded them to take action.

And they did. The whole room was a mess all at once, which was strange, given that it was a whole mob of vampires against just Legend—I was useless. But Legend seemed to have a way of keeping them at bay. When he swiped his free hand across, the front-line vampires were clawed off their feet. With his other arm, he insisted on keeping me close to him.

Until Zane showed up right in front of us. He slammed his hand into Legend’s as if they were in an arm wrestling competition. When their hands clapped together, Zane tore me away from Legend. “The bride is mine,” he claimed, “And so is the throne.” In another thrust, Legend was thrown backwards, having been sent flying across the room. On his way, one of the members of the mob stabbed a claw right through him. When he landed, fresh crimson blood was everywhere—the vampires had no blood, and I was unharmed.

Zane still had me in an arm lock, but my eyes weren’t blocked. I saw Legend perfectly well, and he was looking at nowhere and nobody but me. His mouth could no longer speak, and his life was draining, but not yet gone.

“Let’s wait for the next destined pair,” I shouted at the top of my lungs to Legend. “This land will not be owned by vampires! I…I’ll see you under the sparkling tree.”

If I had paused for even one second to think, I would have hesitated, and I would have wimped out. But seeing the only person you know in the world being ripped into pieces was no joke. The sight brought my hand to Zane’s, and swiftly, I sliced across my own neck with his sharp nails.
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