The Little Mermaid II

|The Little Mermaid II| Chapter 9

The truth was, Danica had already met Kitty before visiting Kyron and Giada. When she had returned home the two days ago from work, there was a raven standing on the tree next to her house, croaking once she approached her door. Startled, Danica had looked up at that raven. As she did, the bird flew by, and dropped a piece of black paper at her doorstep.

“Dani,” it read, “Don’t visit Kyron. I’ll be in Lord Asa’s seventh lair.”

The note wasn’t even signed, but there was only one person in the whole world who called her “Dani”–strange as it was. Lord Asa’s seventh lair…it was the only lair Danica knew about, actually. If Kitty had the power to choose to stay at that one lair she knew Danica knew about, the siren must have been to some degree important to the devil. From the one simple sentence on the note, Danica could feel the seriousness and firmness of Kitty’s words. Kitty had her raven wait at Danica’s door, not knowing for sure when she would return, but in the note that she sent, she made it clear that she would be in the Lord Asa’s seventh lair, and nowhere else. What kind of relationship did the two have by now?

Whether it was a love-hate relationship, or a formal alliance–though Danica doubted there were any formal alliances in the dark world–she was sure Kitty wouldn’t be in grave danger. If Kitty chose to sing, any problem would be solved.

With this in mind, Danica went directly to Lord Asa’s seventh lair, without even going into her house first.

“Hey, Dani!” The singsong voice she knew so well greeted her the moment she arrived at the entrance of the lair. Danica’s human eyes had trouble adjusting to the darkness that engulfed her as she entered, but while she was looking around, someone already crashed into her. When the shape pulled away, she saw that it was Kristene–with wings.

“Kris?” Danica gasped in disbelief. “And…with wings? They look like Kyron’s wings.”

“No,” Kitty corrected. “First of all, I’m Kitty, though you can call me Kris like you did before. And second, these aren’t Kyron’s wings. They are my wings, and he’d stolen them from me years ago. That’s why I’m here now.”

“What?”Danica blinked in pure confusion.

“Come on in, let me tell you everything. It might take a while.” Holding her hand, Kitty led Danica into the dark lair, which seemed to light up just a little bit as they entered. In the next hour, with Danica on the ground and Kitty in the water, Kitty told her everything–the sirens’ massacre, Kyron taking her wings and memories, Giada’s jealousy, and finally, freeing Lord Asa.

“Giada?” Danica thought for a moment. “She didn’t like you, and talked indirectly to you about you, but, why didn’t you take care of it?”

“She’s Kyron’s childhood friend,” Kitty explained. “If I made a change in her, Kyron would know. I didn’t know I had anywhere else to go at the time, because you see, I thought Asa was out to kill me.”

Danica sighed.


“Kris, you lied to me.” Danica stood up, walking towards Kitty. Once again, she cupped the siren’s cheeks as though she was her child. “When I asked you, you told me you were happy.”

Kitty pouted.

“Are you happy, now?”

“I am now.”

“For real?”

“For real.”

Then, Danica giggled, and let go of Kitty’s cheeks.

“What’s so funny?” Kitty asked.

“I was just wondering–where is the provider of this venue? Surely he’s listening somewhere?” With her hands in the pockets of her coat, Danica glanced around.

“That is correct!” Lord Asa’s evil hiss echoed all around them.

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