The Little Red Cape

|The Little Red Cape| Chapter Eight: Miss Thomas

I stared at the piece of paper before me. Something didn’t seem right about the painting. The paintbrush was in my hand, and the painting of mountains and a river was almost done, yet it didn’t look perfect. As I studied it some more, someone knocked on my door.

“Just a moment please!” I called, adding one last stroke.

The person who knocked was a tall guy. “Hello, I’m Drew,” he said, smiling.

I smiled back. “Hi, Drew. I’m Thomas.”

“Thomas? Your last name, I suppose?”

“Yes.” I chuckled.

“Miss Thomas.” The visitor bowed. “In that case, I’m Viktor.”

“Mr. Viktor, what brings you here? The only person who ever comes this far……”

“Is the little red cape?”

I laughed. “Yes, the little red cape.” Then, it occurred to me. “You know her?”

“I met Ronei on the way. She walks slow.” Mr. Viktor shrugged.

“Well, come on in.”

“Do you have capes?” he asked, stepping in and looking around casually.

“I don’t go outside and no one ever comes here so no.”

“No wonder your home feels like such a friendly place.”

I glimpsed over my shoulder, gripping my paintbrush.

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