The Little Red Cape

|The Little Red Cape| Chapter Nine: Ronei

I twisted the dazzling twig in my hand over and over again. Miss Thomas would love this. Maybe she’d even want to paint it.

An unfamiliar-looking guy came out from the woods. He had a tiny ponytail tied low. He seemed outraged, turning his head this way and that, as if looking for someone. When he saw me, he grunted.

“Are you looking for someone?” I asked.

“Why are you talking to me?” he snapped. A millisecond later, his eyes lit up in sparkles. “Do you want to sty with me?”

“What?” I took a big step back. Well, okay, it wasn’t really that big. “I don’t know you…”

“I’m a werewolf. Do you accept me? Or…” his eyes turned sad. “…have you seen Kellia? She’s a yellow cape…rather, she was, the last time I saw her…”

“What’s your name?” I asked.


I recalled the poker face huntress I’d met. “Oh, does she have light brown hair, hazel eyes, about this height–” I showed him how tall she was with my hand.

“She’s that tall now? Wow…time flies.” He looked down again.

“When was the last time you saw her?” I dropped my arms.

“I don’t know…I lost track of time…but I was this tall.” He showed his height back then, the same way. “You saw her…?”

“I’m Ronei,” I answered. “I saw the huntress–”

“Kellia’s a huntress now?”

I sighed. “Tell me what happened.”

“I killed her mother and mine. It was an accident! I–” He was beginning to panic.

“Kellia was looking for you,” I interrupted. “I saw her about a year ago, somewhere back there, and she’d jumped into the trees.” Seeing his hopeful expression, I added, “Maybe she wants to be friends with you again.”

Probably not.

However, Comen took a glance at the direction I pointed, and ran off, with directions from a year ago.

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