The Little Red Cape

|The Little Red Cape| Chapter One: Ronei

“Ronei!” Mother called from the kitchen. I scurried to her.

“What is it, mother?”

She handed me a basket of fruit. “Take this to Miss Thomas. You can spend the day there if you like.”

“Okay.” I took the basket from her and set it on the table. Then, I strode back into my room. Standing in front of the floor-length mirror, I looked small. I sighed and began combing my blonde hair up into a ponytail, and lightly brushed my bangs until they were neat. I grabbed my red cape and wrapped it around myself.

“Ronei!” mother called again. “Hurry, before it gets dark!”

“Coming!” I stomped my feet into my brown leather boots and yanked the front door open, taking the basket along with me.

Chapter Two: Ronei →

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