The Little Red Cape

|The Little Red Cape| Chapter Seven: Kellia

Don’t let the stupid girl sidetrack you. I’m the main character here.

As I was saying, I made friends with Comen ever since that day. As a little girl, I was amazed to see Comen smiling brightly when he and I played with the rocks and twigs. Thanks to him, I finally understood the fun in them.

One evening, as my mother was sewing or knitting whatever she happened to be sewing or knitting at the time, there came a knock on the door.

I opened it to see Comen standing there, head hung low.

“Come with me,” he said.

He took me to the edge of the woods, almost entering it. “What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I went searching for my father,” he said. “This is what he gave me.”

“You found him?” A shiver ran down my spine. Wasn’t his father dead?

Yet, I understood as soon as Comen rolled up his left sleeve. It revealed a beast’s bite. A werewolf’s.

His father had been turned into a werewolf, and turned his own son into one when he lost control.

“Why…why are you showing me this?”

“I thought father cared about us, and was busy hunting the entire time,” Comen said, barely audible. I was wrong about him. Mother must have known too. She lied to me.” He looked at me then. “You’re the only friend I have.” Yeah, because he never bothered making any. “Will you still be my friend even…”

“Comen…” It didn’t matter if he was a wolf or human, as long as…

“You won’t! Kellia, even you!” he suddenly yelled.

“Huh? I didn’t say that. I mean–”

Never, ever, ever, get a werewolf–especially a new one–emotional.

“But you’ll stay with me if you are one too, won’t you?” An eerie kind of hope flickered like a tiny flame in his eyes. He leaped forward.

The next few minutes were filled with wild chasing and a lot of screaming. That evening, Comen killed my mother as well as his own. He would’ve killed me too had I not put on my yellow cape just in time and threw on the hood right before his eyes. I became a bow and arrow in midair at that moment. He fled.

That was the night I became a huntress.

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