The Little Red Cape

|The Little Red Cape| Chapter Ten: Kellia

I was perched on a tree, getting a bird’s-eye view, looking for Comen’s ponytail.

But who knew? It’d been forever since I last saw him. I didn’t know if he still had the ponytail, or what he even looked like, as a human or a wolf.

“Kellia!” someone shouted. I nearly fell off the tree in surprise. Turning my head to the direction of the voice…

…I saw him.

He was shouting my name, aimlessly strolling around, probably looking for me.

“Kellia!” he shouted from below again. “Ronei said you were looking for me and came this way. Kellia!”


I tapped my upper lip, trying to recall the name. Perhaps I wasn’t paying attention…oh, Ronei. The stupid girl who’d had eye contact with a wolf.

“Comen,” I said in a normal volume, descending from he tree. To him, it probably looked like I was suddenly there, since he whipped around in shock. “Weren’t you calling for me?”

“Yes, but I didn’t expect…” he blinked. “Kellia!”

“That’s right. I’m Kellia,” I said, expressionless.

“Kellia! Ronei said maybe you want to be friends with me again. I–”

Somebody turn those doe eyes away from me. I almost didn’t want to kill him.

“–You killed my mother,” I finished his sentence, twisting it.

“It was an accident.”

“You still killed my mother.”

“Don’t leave me alone. You’re the only one I have left. You’d understand me more if we were the same. Why don’t you become like me too? You can–” He wore an innocent gaze, his hands clasped together.

“Enough,” I said, my tone cold.

As I threw on my hood, Comen leaped forward into a wolf at the same time. He couldn’t catch me, because I had floated mid-air, transforming into a bow and arrow. I drew back my bow and took aim.

Comen scowled and opened his mouth, taking another leap. He seemed desperate for a companion. Or for a meal. Most probably the latter.

I let the arrow fly before I could change my mind. I didn’t want to become a monster like him. More than anything, I didn’t want to be coaxed into it.

The arrow pinned him to the ground. I shot another just to make sure.

In no time at all, I was once again the huntress in a yellow cape. I walked away, never thinking twice, but not without an urge to turn back.

After all, what is done cannot be undone. What must be done will be done. One has only one choice–move on.

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