The Little Red Cape

|The Little Red Cape| Chapter Three: Ronei

I believe it was a year ago. Mother had sent me off to Miss Thomas’s with a package–her birthday present. It was late afternoon and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to arrive before dark, so I scrambled off in a hurry without my cape.

As I ran, I could feel the wind brushing back my undone hair. It made sense–I was running, after all.

What didn’t make sense was a sudden dark shadow beside me. I turned to it to see that it was a wolf, grinning at me. My free hand automatically reached for my cape.

I could see my own blue eyes widening in fear from the wolf’s eyes.

Its grin grew wider.

Oh, the teeth.

Those were my only thoughts when I stopped moving, frozen. Oh, the teeth. There was nothing I could do. Without the cape, I was just another victim.

The wolf didn’t immediately lunge for me it paused in its movements along with me, just staring into my eyes, as if to see whether I had a secret weapon hidden somewhere.

A brilliant light flashed before my eyes. In an instant, a girl about my age was standing there between the wolf and I, wearing a hooded yellow cape. Her hood had been off, but the wolf sprinted away at the sight of it.

When it was gone, she looked at me with a disgusted expression. “Don’t you have a cape?”

I blinked twice to recover. Then, I looked back at her hazel eyes and said, “Yes.”

She tossed back her light brown hair, closing her eyes for a moment. “Well, I’m a huntress. Kellia.” She opened her eyes again and reached out with her right hand. Without waiting for my response, she shook hands with me hastily.

“I’m Ronei,” I said.

“Nice to meet you. If you see a werewolf…”she lowered her voice. “…called Comen, let me know.”

With that, Kellia was off,leaping back into the trees.

I wasn’t fast enough to catch her–honestly, how was I supposed to let her know, even if I saw a werewolf named Comen? Plus, it was very rare that werewolves introduced themselves.

Insert a frustrated sigh here.

Anyway, that was the incident that had me reminding myself of my red cape every time afterwards.

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