Chocolate Rain

|Chocolate Rain| Chocolate Rain

I put a red feather into the tank of pebbles. A year has passed since Alara entered my brain. I watched as the pebbles tried to dodge the feather. I laughed.

Then, I strolled over to the other side of the lab table that was now mine. In another tank, broken and damaged pebbles were kept. I dropped a blue feather inside. The pebbles seemed to welcome it, though they barely moved.

Especially the black one.

I wonder what color Alara’s pebble was, and what state it was in.

Soft rain began to fall.

Soft, steady, chocolate rain.

I opened the window. People were screaming, some squealing, all of them running.

“I’ll take over.”

“It is his existence. It’s like everything is right and wrong at the same time, good and bad at the same time, and that this is all a dream that isn’t meant to come true, but kind of is true. That’s chocolate rain.”


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