Chocolate Rain

|Chocolate Rain| Conversation Two

Host: I will get rid of you, Alara. Your memories are unnecessary to me.

Alara: Get rid of me…I see.

Host: Oh, I didn’t introduce myself properly. My name is Wende.

Alara: That is good…I guess?

Host: I don’t have time for details. I just need your answers. What do you do when Jayden isn’t near you?

Alara: I sit around, garden, watch the fish…

Host: Is that fun?

Alara: It is safe.

Host: Do you miss your house?

Alara: It would be nice if I could live in my house, but it’s probably in ruins by now.

Host: How do you know?

Alara: This isn’t the first time angels and demons fought there, but this time, he showed up and took me away. I think this means the house did not survive.

Host: (Sneers) So much for chocolate rain.

Alara: What about you? Does anyone protect you…Wende?

Host: If anyone was trying to protect me, they failed. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be you.

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