Chocolate Rain

|Chocolate Rain| Dream Five

There they were. The king and queen were hovering slightly on top of the rubble, seemingly in a stalemate. Their people, though, were fighting as if they didn’t want it to end.

Jayden approached them from the side and stopped two feet away from them. He said nothing.

The king was the first to turn her head. The queen followed suit. The look in their eyes nearly matched.

Jayden crossed his arms. A mirror of steam formed in front of him. It showed the angel and demon what they didn’t but needed to see. As they watched the mirror, he watched them. As he watched them, the battle continued on.

He took another step away from them. He rose a little higher.

“Hey, which side are you on?” somebody asked. He turned. It was an angel.

A demon appeared next to the angel. They threw flames at each other. Jayden glared once, and flapped them away. A flying flame hit a spot on one of his wings. He gathered the damaged feathers. In his hands, the feathers turned crimson. He scattered them in the air. They flew off in every direction, warning everyone not to bother him, piercing the ones responsible for the flame.

After a while, he glanced at the king and queen. They finally reached an agreement. Seeing this, Jayden turned and flew in the direction of the sea, not staying to hear what they had to say–they took long enough.

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