Chocolate Rain

|Chocolate Rain| Dream Four

The slit in the ocean closed when he closed the door. The waves returned normal. The world he had shown her was hidden. None could enter without his consent. Not the king of demons, not the queen of angels, and certainly not any idiotic human scientist.

Was he an angel or a demon? It seemed like she had wanted to know for a while.

Jayden spread his wings and rose into the sky with grace. Did it really matter what he was?

A dancing flame came racing towards him. He grabbed it and threw it at a demon like a piece of trash. Did his identity really affect anything? Between worlds, maybe. Between the two of them, no.

A white feather was drifting down. Jayden raised his head to see an angel and a demon fighting one-on-one. They used the same flames, the same wreck. He snickered in his mind. Was there even a difference between angels and demons? Nope.

A group of shadows floated toward him. These were lost human souls that demons obtained for entertainment. They reached out for his feathers. He flapped his wings and they disappeared.

Now, where were the king and queen?

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