Chocolate Rain

|Chocolate Rain| Dream Seven

He stayed silent for a long time. She looked at him.

“I might be a free soul,” he said. “My pebble had been cut open.”

She widened her eyes for a moment. Slowly, she said, “And mine is in Wende’s brain. I’m in her head, but I can’t see her. Instead, she sees me.”

“That was the purpose.”

“She doesn’t enjoy my presence.”

The wall lit up again. Wende’s face appeared before them. “You do realize you’re in my brain, right?”

He chuckled bitterly.

“I like your world, Alara. I just don’t like it that you were forced into my head.”

“I see.”

He got up and disappeared into a hallway. Before opening a door, he told her, “I’ll take over.”

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