Chocolate Rain

|Chocolate Rain| Dream Two

That night, dust and purple flames filled the air, with shadows of different shapes zooming by her window. She stood with a fresh bouquet of flowers she had just gathered from her garden, trying to see what was really going on outside. Would the city be destroyed? Were her neighbors safe or dead?


She turned around.

There he was. For the first time, she saw him. A pair of angry blue eyes were staring at her behind strands of raven-black hair.

“Are you trying to kill yourself?” he accused. He didn’t wait for her reply. Instead, he picked her up and stepped out into the open air, flapping his massive black wings and soaring into the sky.

While he was flying, she saw that his hair wasn’t short like the demons, yet not long enough for the angels. He had wings, which meant he couldn’t possibly be human. What was he, then? An angel breaking the rules? Or a demon breaking the rules?

His eyes were alert and mainly looked forward. His powerful wings flapped away anything that got in his way. She knew not where they were going, but she trusted that she didn’t need to.

Chocolate can be sweet or bitter. Rain can be violent or tender. Different combinations of chocolate rain lead to different results on flowers. Is this flower more suited for sweet or bitter? Can this one survive a thunderstorm?

Chocolate rain cannot make every flower bloom, but when it helps, flowers bloom really well. Chocolate rain lets you take a chance. It lets you make a bet on your garden.

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