The Most Powerful

|The Most Powerful| Enter, sheep and wolf!

The city always became a much more dangerous place after sunset–especially for newcomers from the nearest village.

Village girls–innocent, tough, useful. Rarely were they beautiful, but it didn’t matter. If they were, it was a bonus.

There was one such bonus moving in this evening.

She was petite and barefoot, with skin so fair it seemed like she’d never done a day’s work. Perhaps it was true–the brightness of her sky-blue eyes made every onlooker pity her. With the sunset behind her, the breeze blew back her long, loose brown curls. Her bow-shaped lips and heart-shaped face perfected the image. Her eyes were filled with wonder, glancing up at every sound, looking at every house, every building.

“Girl,” somebody called from her left. It was a male, with half his hair shaved off on one side. “From the village?”

The girl gave him one firm nod.

“There’s work over there. Let me take you to it.” The man smirked. “You want money, right? It’s easy. All you got to do is sit around in pretty clothes.”

As mentioned, pretty girls were a bonus.

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