The Most Powerful

|The Most Powerful| I live in a twisted fairytale

Jem hadn’t removed the illusion of ice and snow. It seemed as though he wanted to create an even lonelier atmosphere for Sapphire. The first day passed by, uneventful.

The second day came and went. Sapphire began to get hungry. She grabbed a handful of snow from outside her cage and swallowed t. It didn’t taste so bad, when she was hungry. Maybe Jem meant it that way…

On the third day, Sapphire started replaying scenes from the past in her head. Every evil deed, every mishap, every misstep…and the good times. Her childhood with the family that wasn’t hers. And the past nine months, when Jem had treated her right. Sapphire curled her fingers around the ice bars, desperate, dying to get out, dying to get back her previous life, dying to now how Felix was…dying, in general. She kissed the ice in her hands, then licked it. It didn’t quite satisfy her thirst.

That night, despite her hunger and thirst, she slept. In her dream, Jem’s footsteps came, crunching the snow beneath his feet. He knelt in front of Sapphire’s bars, and peered inside while she slowly opened her eyes. The expression he wore was as soft and gentle as ever, as sane as ever.

“Sapphire,” he said, smiling. “How beautiful your eyes are.”

She didn’t answer. Was Jem addressing her, or the color of her eyes?

“Sapphire,” he said in the same soothing baritone, “How fair your skin is.”

She stared at him, unable to make a single sound.

“Sapphire,” he whispered, “How juicy your flesh is.” With that, her left hand was suddenly in his. He sucked lightly on her ring finger.

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