The Island of Xaynms

The Island of Xaynms | Introduction

The school was on a remote island, far away from Society and Society’s civilization. To call it a “school” was just a cruel joke to the xaynms. The xaynms all had traits different from ordinary human beings. Those traits could be good or bad, but they were different. To Society, being different meant ruining their world of perfection. Anyone different would be eliminated from Society, and sent to the school.

Yinn was one of those who had been there since early childhood. She was found to be able to heal immediately from any injury. Her parents were terrified at this ability, and Society did not accept her abnormality. Since then, she had been living in the school for more than a decade.

Her abnormality made her life much more convenient, and she was never ashamed of herself. She suited the image of a “student”, with her blue sailor uniform, black hair tied in a low side ponytail, and no makeup around her dark brown eyes.

To repeat its importance, Yinn was never ashamed of herself. She felt that she had everything she needed to stay alive and well.

Until Treyvian got sent to the school too.

He was a sculpture, and it was clear from first sight why he had been abandoned by Society-his appearance. Treyvian had silver hair reaching just past his shoulders, its color almost translucent. His eyes were the color of bright rubies, and they actually glinted like the gemstones. Together with his princely attire and perfectly fair skin, he looked like a moving sculpture carved by the finest artist even Society couldn’t buy with all their money.

When he stepped out of the helicopter, Yinn was leaning against a tree, inspecting the newcomer. He didn’t glance around with interest. He didn’t sigh with disappointment. He didn’t smile at the beautiful island-which began as a much undeveloped island, but made beautiful by its enhanced inhabitants. He didn’t show any signs of looking forward to his life there, or any remorse towards the Society that abandoned him.

He simply took the little baggage he had, and walked into the house assigned to him.

It was this indifference that attracted Yinn.

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