The Most Powerful

|The Most Powerful| Jem’s first curse

“Felix! Tiffany!” Sapphire called after ditching the broom at the door. The maid, Tiffany, opened the door for her.

Tiffany’s eyes were filled with modest surprise. “Miss!”

“Felix?” Sapphire asked.

“Bedroom,” Tiffany answered.

Sapphire nodded once, and dashed into Felix’s room. He was pale, lying unconscious. Nine months, and he’d never awaken. She’d almost forgotten how green his eyes were. She was about to stab a needle into her arm, just like all those times before, when new-found knowledge from Jem’s heart gave her a better idea.

Carefully, she parted Felix’s lips and pressed hers on his, letting her power flow directly into him, watching color return to his cheeks. It was only when all her power had been transferred to Felix that he looked healthy again. She knew that she was no longer a witch, but that this time, Felix would be healthy for good.

His eyes opened, blinking to adjust to the sudden brightness.

“Sapphire?” Felix lifted a hand to shield his eyes from the light, squinting up at her.

“Felix,” she whispered, a genuine smile on her face. “How are you feeling?”

“Fine,” he replied, sitting up. “What did you do?” he asked, patting a spot next to him. She sat.

As Sapphire told him everything, she played with his ruffled, dark hair. Felix listened patiently, keeping his eyes on her the whole time.

When Sapphire finished, he uttered, “But Sapphire, I never said I wanted to get well.” He looked down then, at the sheets covering his legs.

This made her heart thump hard in shock. “Excuse me?”

“Even though I had been unconscious, I could still hear and feel what was going on sometimes…” he trailed off, his voice becoming softer with every syllable.

At this time, Tiffany knocked twice on the open door, took one step forward. She smiled at them both. To Sapphire, Tiffany had always seemed like an ordinary girl, with her umber red hair constantly in a ponytail. She was always bowing, keeping her distance from everyone, showing respect for everyone, never saying much. Smiling–always smiling shyly.

Sapphire never paid that much attention to her. Yet, she understood perfectly now.

“Tiffany?” she asked them both. Tiffany only smiled at her apologetically. Felix nodded once.

Jem’s first curse echoed in her mind once more. “Why would you do that for your brother?” he’d inquired. “You’ve already had the best of your days here, with me. You ruined it yourself.”

She sighed and stood up. “Can you feel your power?” Sapphire asked Felix with her eyes closed. “It’s all yours now.” She was just a simple human being.

All of what she did, the only outcome was that she’d handed him right over, perfectly into Tiffany’s hands.

“Miss,” Tiffany said, “There is a crowd outside. They are demanding for you. Shouldn’t you go see?” She beamed again. Witch.

“The one they’re looking for doesn’t exist anymore,” Sapphire claimed, boldly striding, with as much elegance as ever, out of the only place she’d ever looked forward to going back to–ever since Jem’s illusions dissolved into thin air.

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