The Most Powerful

|The Most Powerful| Jem’s second curse


When Sapphire opened the door, she was greeted by the villagers and some people from the city. They shouted at her, but some feared her. They yanked her out of the house. They wanted to burn her at the stake. She’d looked back only once, to see Felix and Tiffany gripping each other’s hands, both trembling from fear they shouldn’t be feeling.

“You’ll be fine,” Sapphire told them.

She wasn’t a witch anymore. She couldn’t escape anymore. And Felix wasn’t about to rescue her either, from the way it looked.


Jem was right. She finally had to admit it. She’d already had the best of her days with him, and she’d ruined it herself.

“Now, you’re going to pay for your sins,” he’d also said.

Of course, it was his first and last curses on her.

Not that it mattered anymore. Sapphire had given up hope from the moment she realized the truth about Felix and Tiffany.

As the fire devoured her, she made no sound. The pain reminded her of that morning when she’d foolishly tried to eat herself, when she’d killed Jem.

“Why would you do that for your brother?”

Had Jem known?

He said he’d changed his mind once.

Was it true?

Nobody would ever know, anymore. What had been the truth, how many of the words said had been lies…nobody would find out any longer. The mystery, the true relationship between Sapphire and Jem would be sealed forever.

If only she could have a second chance. She’d make different choices.

She was sure that, if Jem were given a second chance, he would’ve made some different decisions too.

After the fire, instead of the frame of a skeleton, instead of ashes, a gem was left amongst the burnt wood.

A young but powerful wizard noticed and picked it up. The shimmering sapphire ended up on his future wife’s finger.

Tiffany’s wedding ring.


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