Letters to the Fireplace

|Letters to the Fireplace| Ken’s Last Letter

Dear Barbie,

I’ll be putting out the fire soon. Don’t repeat the mistakes of our kind owner Sophia. I hope this letter will survive, and I will now tell you everything you’ve never known.

Truth be spoken, I didn’t know what you had been thinking about when you stared at Sophia setting the house on fire. After reading your letters, I realize that you must not have felt me holding you. The other Kens were long gone. My feelings for you helped me stay strong.

Dear Barbie, it wasn’t just three months. Although you let me fade away from your tightest circle, I’ve always been watching over you. It has been a long, long time.

Allow me to answer all the questions you’ve asked.

The fire that has been burning all these years, needs no materialistic fuel. The fuel is me. My love for you.

You being in flesh and blood, becoming a real celebrity, all these accomplishments fill me with joy. There is nothing more that I want, except that you be happy.

Barbie being heartless, this I already know. While I was made for you, you were made to stand strong on your own. Haven’t you noticed? In every Barbie movie, the Ken character is always the first to fall in love, long before the Barbie character does.

Breaking up isn’t the only way to get hurt in love. Sometimes, being invisible to the person you love is worse. Especially since you’ve been right beside her for years and years. Believe me, Barbie, even the fireplace knows more about love than you do.

All the while that you were here, ever since you moved in, I’ve been with you. Whether you were laughing on the phone, writing letters to me, or throwing a fit about how unfair life is, I’ve always been here. You said that you feel welcome here. Of course you are.

The fire that is burning out, not because I love you any less, but because I’m saving you the trouble of trying to kill yourself. If I can, I wish that I’ll be reincarnated. Then, I’ll come back to you in flesh and blood.

While I’m the only one you’ve got now, you’ve always been the only I ever had.

With much love,

The Fireplace (or Ken)


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