|Thereafter| Lion King

“Ekko? Ekko!” Demeka shook the shoulders of the unconscious girl. She looked around, at the others. “Do any of you know who she’s close with, family, best friends, anything?” Demeka was her friend, but they had just met not so long ago. She didn’t even know where Ekko lived. She couldn’t bring the drunk female home—but nor could she trust any of the others around the table, they had only just met.

“How about the speed dial on her phone?” a guy named Rhett suggested. “Whoever on that list must be trustworthy.”

“Oh right.” Demeka took Ekko’s phone, and found only one person’s number there. There wasn’t even a name. All it said was “Lion King”. But then, it was the only number on speed dial. She called.

When “Lion King” picked up the phone, it was almost a minute later. There was a pause, and then, a hesitant voice came. “…Yes?”

“I’m sorry to interrupt you at this hour, sir. I’m Demeka, Ekko’s friend, and she—”


“Ty NS Mar.”

“I’m on my way. Hang on a second.” Without waiting for a reply, he hung up.

As the others looked at Demeka expectantly, she shrugged back at them. “Well, he’s coming.”

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