The Island of Xaynms

The Island of Xaynms | Main Route

Yinn opened her door to see Treyvian. She started back a little, out of sheer surprise. “Treyvian?” It had been a while.

Somehow, Treyvian could read her tone. He gave her a wry smile that showed his apologies. “How have you been?”

She stepped aside to let him in, shaking her head. “That is the question I wanted to ask.”

“Cecilia and Ashton were sent here for a mutual reason.”

Their eyes met, and Yinn understood. She was about to let out a relieved sigh, but held it back when she saw it in Treyvian’s eyes that there was no reason for her to be relieved. He was in love with Cecilia, and he loved Ashton as his little sister all his life.

Yinn? What was she to him? Nothing in comparison.

They sat on the couch. For a few minutes, Treyvian only stared at the ground. His expressions were the same as every other day, but after all this time, Yinn had long learned not to read his expressions. His face was a beautiful mask for the most part.

Then, he looked up again, straight into her eyes. She felt herself taking in a sharp breath, so she looked away.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“You didn’t do anything.”

“Precisely.” He was apologizing for not taking care of her feelings. She let her eyes meet his again.

She bit her lip and took just one moment to reconsider her words before saying them. “Can’t you try loving me?” it was the first time she said something so boldly to him. At this first line, she didn’t dare look at him. She didn’t see the shock in his eyes. “I’ve been…all this time…” Her eyebrows were creased, her bottom lip turning white due to her biting, her eyes cast down.

Treyvian took it all in. He knew how much it meant to Yinn if she finally decided to say it so directly. Still, he said nothing.

“Cecilia will never return your feelings,” Yinn pointed out. After that, she said no more. She leaned back on the couch and looked up at the empty ceiling, as if awaiting death.

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