The Island of Xaynms

The Island of Xaynms | Main Route

After what seemed like ages, the relationship between Cecilia and Treyvian returned to normal again-as normal as could be, anyhow. They still hung out every few days, and at night, if Cecilia chose to go to the school, Treyvian would take her on a ride through the clouds. These moments were his favorite, for no other reason than the fact that, up in the sky, she was his prisoner. There were no means of escape for her, and she wouldn’t be able to hide her eyes from him. Up there in the sky, Cecilia was his.


She didn’t even say she belonged to somebody else. Why was he so sure he was competing with someone?

“Thank you, Treyvian,” Cecilia told him one night, while they were flying.




“I’m happy we met!” Cecilia suddenly claimed, smiling too brightly for the current atmosphere. “You’re so cool, and take me up here where nobody else can go, and…and, Treyvian, you’re absolutely handsome and perfect! I’m sure there are many girls that would want you as their boyfriend. Oh, I’m so happy to have met you!”

That was too odd.

“Wait,” he interrupted. “Why are you saying all this?”


She knew. She knew there was no way out. They were in the sky.

“Is it about Ash?”

“Ash…?!” Cecilia was taken completely by surprise. In her mind, she thanked him for carrying her firmly in his arms. Otherwise, she might have fallen straight down. “Treyvian…?”

Cecilia’s face turned pale. Treyvian’s, which was already pale, looked lifeless. Her reaction confirmed his suspicions. After a pained silence, he finally said, “I can’t believe it.”

“Treyvian…?” she repeated.

“Aren’t I more…decent? Am I not good enough for you?”


“Why?” Treyvian’s tone was always calm, but at this time, there was a hint of anger. His rage could only be seen from his creased brows.

Treyvian turned his laser-like gaze to her. The glinting rubies were set ablaze.

“Treyvian…Treyvian!” Cecilia’s exclaim came when she saw a thin transparent layer of liquid over his eyes. The tears, they didn’t dare fall. For if they fall, they would need a reason, and he himself could not tell the reason.

“Was it because of my identity that you hid it from me?” he asked.

“Sorry…” That confirmed it.

“Are you and Ash…happy together?”

“Yes…Treyvian, don’t worry about us. We’re xaynms now, Ash and I.”

He nodded in agreement. “If both of you are happy the way you are, I won’t bother you anymore.”

Without waiting for her response, Treyvian let them both fall at a rapid pace to the rooftop. Cecilia held on tightly to him, in fear that they were really falling. Except they weren’t. The fall signified his anguish, his sadness, his disappointment, and his shock. He raised his head to gaze upon the moon as they descended.

The moon, the sky. They brought one misfortune after another to him. To him, who only wanted to share his happiness with someone important.

Treyvian held her tighter as she held on to him. Probably, this would be the last time they flew together. Without being said, the truth was spoken.

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