The Island of Xaynms

The Island of Xaynms | Main Route

Over the next few days, Cecilia tried to avoid Treyvian. If they met each other on the streets, she would turn abruptly and walk in the other direction. Treyvian would bat his long eyelashes once, then let her go. The first time, though, he approached her.

“Cecilia?” he asked.

“Sorry, I…I’ve got to go.”

“Where to?”

“Just…I’ll see you around.”

Seeing this reaction, he knew better than to approach her a second time. Even so, he did watch over her.

“Treyvian?” Yinn asked one day, “What happened between you and Cecilia?”

“She mentioned someone named Ashton,” he answered. “But it’s as if she wasn’t supposed to mention this person.”

“Ashton? Who’s that?”

“The one who moved in with Cecilia on the same day.”

Both fell silent after that.

“Treyvian…” Yinn began, carefully, “You……”


She changed her question. “Do you know who this Ashton is?”

“Just a thought. I hope it’s not true.”

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