The Island of Xaynms

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Knock, knock.

Treyvian opened the door.

He stood rooted to the spot, at the sight of the girl with the magical eyes. It was those eyes that reminded him of the moon. He supposed he ought to say something and greet her, but he feared her with a kind of admiration he couldn’t describe.

Did she like what she showed Yinn?

The cheerful girl waited for a moment, for a sign from him-a welcome, possibly. To her, he appeared troubled.

Seeing that he didn’t seem like he was about to speak, Cecilia said, “Hi! I’m Cecilia, your new neighbor!”

It was then that Treyvian finally reacted. He nodded lightly at her, with the smallest of smiles. Cecilia, in return, gave him another bright gleam, her eyes shining with enthusiasm.

“Hello.” He managed to greet her politely. He forced himself to meet her eyes. “I’m Treyvian.”

The round emeralds beamed again.

Treyvian made a “please come in” gesture, then further opened the door.

The inside of Treyvian’s house was as clean and polished as Treyvian himself. The walls were powder white, with not a single speck of dust or stain. The couch they chose to sit on was coated in soft, white fur.

“Wow,” Cecilia couldn’t help exclaiming.

“It is not very lavish,” Treyvian apologized.

“But it’s perfect!”

“That is great news. Thank you very much.”

Cecilia smiled again. “It’s true!” Then, she looked into his eyes. “Treyvian,” she said. “Why do you look so strange?”

“I was born with these looks.” He found himself slightly disappointed that this girl in particular would ask such a shallow question.

“No, I mean,” there she paused to think. “Your expression…is a little…out of place…?”

She was referring to the way he’d looked at her. Treyvian was relieved. Now, he was surprised at her being so direct-they were only meeting for the first time.

“I’m sorry about that.” He didn’t explain.

And she didn’t press him for answers. “What would you like to see in my eyes?” she asked. Excitement was all around her.

For a while, Treyvian just looked at her with a kind of sophistication in his eyes. To her, it looked like he was secretly weighing his options.

“Please tell me!” she urged, taking his silence as a sign that there was indeed something he wanted to see.

“Just show me what you showed Yinn.”

Cecilia nodded. In an instant, the world around Treyvian evolved into the starless night sky he saw from a distant the day before. He found himself flying freely once again, towards the moon. Treyvian let out a pleased sigh. While enjoying the flight, what he didn’t notice was Cecilia reading his expression. She saw that he was smiling faintly when he looked into her eyes. She saw that he was content with the view in her eyes. That was why she kept it there for a moment longer.

When she blinked again, the sky turned back to emeralds. She beamed up at him. “How do you like it, Treyvian?”

“It was very nice, thank you.”

“Anytime!” she replied.

Treyvian blinked, dazed for a moment. As the girl left his house, his eyes followed her. It seemed to him that she liked what she showed him. If so, he would be glad.

Very, very glad.

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