The Island of Xaynms

|The Island of Xaynms| Main Route

Knock, knock.

Yinn opened the door.

“Oh, you are…Cecilia?” Yinn greeted awkwardly. She wasn’t good at meeting new people.

“Yes.” Cecilia smiled. “Nice to meet you!”

“Nice to meet you too, I’m Yinn.”

The two girls sat in the front yard and chatted. Cecilia brought back the old Yinn-the one who laughed and smiled easily, even though she was shy.

“Then,” Cecilia said, taking both of Yinn’s hands enthusiastically. “What images do you want to see?”


“What do you want to see?” Cecilia repeated. “I can show you the world, if only you ask. I’m the window to the outside world.”

“I’ve never been to the outside world,” Yinn answered.

“Been here since childhood?”

Yinn nodded.

“Look into my eyes,” Cecilia said. Yinn did as she was told.

The round emeralds changed into a sky blue. Yinn gasped, and felt herself being lured into the scenery in the girl’s eyes. Yinn found herself staring at a clear night sky, with nothing but the moon emitting light. The moon was huge, signifying how far above the clouds this view was. Looking down, Yinn could see eagles flying beneath her. It was a mesmerizing scene that nearly took her into another “world”, as Cecilia put it.

Cecilia blinked. The sky faded back into emeralds. The girl beamed, excited. “Like?” she asked.

How could one say no?

Yinn smiled back. “Yes.”

Next door, Treyvian lowered his head into his hands. A memory was brought back to him by the distant sky he had glimpsed through the girl’s eyes, a dream. He wasn’t close enough to be completely engrossed in it, but he caught a glimpse of it, and that was enough.

Cecilia’s eyes revealed Treyvian’s past life.

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