The Island of Xaynms

The Island of Xaynms | Main Route

Two years later, there were again newcomers. This time, they were two people-one blonde, the other…well.

The blonde one went by the name of Cecilia. Her green eyes were perfectly round, and she was labeled as a xaynm for having eyes that could show images or even scenes of her choosing. She arrived by day.

The other one arrived by night. The only information that was known was the person’s name-Ashton. Reason for abandonment? Unknown.

Cecilia did not attempt to hide her abnormality. On the contrary, she emphasized it. However, her way of emphasizing it was rather strange. So strange that it made Yinn suspect the existence of a more bothersome abnormality.

“What do you do?” a male xaynm had asked once.

“I show images and scenes in my eyes,” Cecilia answered. “That’s my only abnormality.”

This newcomer was a friendly and lively one. She visited the entire neighborhood, and was accepted by all. At the same time, she wasn’t so friendly that she became an annoyance. After visiting the entire neighborhood, she spent all of her time in her house, unless she had visitors herself.

Little did Yinn know, this lively girl would change her life.

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