The Island of Xaynms

The Island of Xaynms | Main Route

Just as Cecilia’s reason for being labeled as a xaynm was not only Ash, Ash’s only abnormality was not just Cecilia either. After all, Ash lived in a dark mansion on the island. How in the world did she get to live in a mansion and remain anonymous?

Yes, money. That solves a lot of problems.

And where did that money come from?

Her other abnormality.

Usually, Ash waited for customers to come to her. But today, she would be offering free service. No, not offering free service. She would be forcing her target to accept her service.

Knock, knock.

Yinn opened the door. She did not recognize the girl standing there.

“I’m Ashton…you can call me Ash.” She gave Yinn the half-smile that matched the eerie glow of her eye.

“Yes…?” This was not the little sister Treyvian had told her about.

“You seem…surprised…did you not expect this of your beloved’s little sister?”

“Sorry, I’m just a little, um, surprised to meet you in person. Please come in.”

Ash went in, and got right to her point. “I don’t really want to stay long, Yinn…I hope you understand why. Treyvian’s adorable sister broke into this doll…well…you do love him, right?”

Yinn could only nod. The aura around Ash gave her nothing but discomfort. What made her more scared was the undeniable resemblance between the siblings.

“And you also know that…Treyvian loves the magical green eyes that fell in love…with me?”


“Then…you shall have those eyes, fair lady…I heard from Cecilia that you are a good girl…perhaps you can…pay for my sins…”

“Your sins?”

“Treyvian used to be…much more cheerful. It was me…who froze him.”

“What are you talking about?” Yinn knew that Ash had gone cold to Treyvian, but when Ash talked of paying for her sins, it confused her.

“My abnormality is changing one’s appearance in the way they want…anyone’s except my own. And today…I will turn you into Cecilia…she and I will disappear from your sight. In return…make yourselves happy.”

“He’s not in love with her appearance,” Yinn defended, backing off from Ash as she approached. “Her liveliness, her abnormality…I don’t have them.”

“I give you her face…you produce everything else on your own.”

Something in Ash’s tone made Yinn understand that there was no decision involved on her side. Ash didn’t come to give her a chance. Ash came to order her to be what Treyvian wanted. And Ash would be the one doing the giving.

Yinn closed her eyes.

It was her misfortune that she ran into the silver-haired siblings. The bond between them was all too unusual.

But they were both beautiful, in different ways. Treyvian, an angel. Ashton, a demon.

Cecilia, the goddess.

Yinn, the human sacrifice.

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