Letters to the Fireplace

|Letters to the Fireplace| Misinterpretation

Dear Fireplace,

Your flames get hotter every day. Since the last letter I fed you, you’ve been dancing with enthusiasm. Are you excited about something?

It’s true that I feel welcome in this old mansion–I was once part of it. But, fireplace, it’s summer. Flames are hot. Hot is not comfortable.

I neglected to mention one more thing last time, in the letter that seems to have excited you. Adam and I are like the pre-programmed couple, but we are not perfect. Ken and I had been the perfect couple, you know? That was because both of us were human-designed with stories already written. Adam and I are humans. We need to live out our own story.

It just feels more realistic. I might understand why Sophia could go that insane after being ditched–she’d put effort in her relationship. She’d tried hard to make the story good, and failed.

Is it something similar to trying your best to voice a line and not managing it well?

But hey, fireplace, you know nothing of the sort, do you?

With no love,


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