Letters to the Fireplace

Letters to the Fireplace | Mission Completed

Dear Fireplace,

I got dumped.

Can you imagine? I’m so perfect, and I got dumped. By “perfect”, I don’t just mean my appearance. I was and am Barbie, the role model of nearly every girl around the globe.

That would be fine, since I’ve been dumped before. But.

I got dumped for being perfect.

Adam said that I’m too perfect to hold, that it feels like I’m a fake dream he will never make come true.

Is this what happens when you’re so perfect that nobody can bear to love you? “Perfection is a lie”, I’d told Ken. Or was it only a sense of duty that Adam had been with me in the first place? The duty of Ken to Barbie, nothing more? Not even the story we’ve tried to build was worth anything to him?

Three months of honeymoon. And then it’s over.

It’s always just three months. From beginning to end. In the past relationships, friendship, partnership…well, they always end. It seems like three months is my maximum.

I’m too tired to try to burn the house now, but I might want to do that later. I’ve always liked burning letters anyway. When the time comes, I’ll need your help, fireplace. You’re the only one I’ve got now.

With no love,


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