Chocolate Rain

|Chocolate Rain| Reality One

I woke to find myself lying on a wooden board, tubes attached to my body. After a long chat with Alara and a while of exploration around her world, I had an idea what had been done to me.

Doc was standing next to me. “Wende,” he began to explain.

“Shut up,” I snapped. “Take that thing out of my brain.”

“Don’t you like Alara’s world?” he asked. “It’s only experimental. It won’t do you harm to–”

“To watch a life that isn’t mine,” I finished for him. “I like her world, but what the hell is it doing in my brain?”

Doc held up a jar of tiny pebble-like things. “These life forms might show us things we don’t yet know about. It could help with future research.”

“Take her out of my brain,” I insisted.

“Wende…” Doc sighed. “It’s only for a year.”

“I’m not telling you about her world. You’d better give up now.”

Sighing once more, Doc went for the door. “Think about it.”

“My brain is malfunctioning, you know.”

He left.


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