Chocolate Rain

|Chocolate Rain| Reality Two

“Fine,” I said. “I’ll keep her there. Show me why I’m doing this.”

That was what I told Doc before he released me from the tubes. He was now touring me around his lab.

There was a tank of pebbles.

“The spirits that live in each pebble holds a different world. Under non-experimental research, this is what I’ve found out. I put one of these into your brain, and from your reaction, I can see that the owner of each world has a name a gender…and that it doesn’t really affect you.

“If we can find out more about their worlds…” Doc snickered. “It will be a huge leap in science. We might even enter their world someday.”

“What did you do to the pebbles before you put one in my brain?” I asked. The pebbles were of all colors. I let my eyes linger on the tank longer than I should.

“Come here.” Doc beckoned at me from a table. I walked over.

Pebbles opened in half, some drowned in liquids.

Alara was gasping in my mind, and Jayden threatened to burst my head open.

I looked away. That was much calmer.

“Could they enter our world?” I asked.

Doc looked at me. “You are the first person to see their world, Wende,” he said. “You know better than I do. Tell me, what is Alara’s world like?”

“I refuse.”

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