The Island of Xaynms

The Island of Xaynms | Story Five: Yinn & Treyvian & Cecilia

Treyvian was walking past Yinn’s door.

“Treyvian?” Yinn called softly.

He stopped and looked at her, waiting for her to speak.

“N-never mind.” She lowered her head, biting her lip out of nervousness.

Noticing her mood, he strode towards her, and lifted her chin. While her cheeks turned pink, he studied her seriously. A moment later, he said, “Tell me. What’s wrong?”

It was only out of concern for a friend. Yinn knew.

And so she shook her head. “Nothing is. You’re going to see Cecilia again today?”

Treyvian nodded.

Yinn nodded.

He left again.

She stared after him until he knocked on Cecilia’s door, until the cheerful girl stepped out to greet him, as friendly as ever. Yinn sighed.

Never had she been unsatisfied with her abnormality, until now. If it was Cecilia’s ability to show him scenes that he was attracted to, Yinn didn’t stand a chance.

She went back inside.

“Hi, Treyvian!” Cecilia greeted. “The weather is nice today!”

“Indeed.” He didn’t look up at the sky to check. He could feel it-the warmth of the sun, the freshness of the air, and Cecilia, who took part in the “good weather” by standing before him.

“Please come in,” Cecilia said, and stepped aside for Treyvian to enter through her door.

The two chatted the hours away, about the school, about xaynms, and their neighbors. Rather, Cecilia did most of the talking, and Treyvian most of the listening. At one point, she gazed at him with wonder, and placed her hands on his hair. “Silver hair is really beautiful, did you know that?”

“Is it?” he asked back.

She beamed with a distant look in her eyes. In the softest of tones she’d ever used, she murmured, “I know someone with beautiful silver hair……”

Treyvian said nothing, but he saw her expression as she said those words. The emeralds in her eyes were gentler than ever, her smile made more meaningful by it.

His heart sank.

Treyvian stood up. “I see.”

“Oh, sorry!” She seemed to snap back to reality as she retrieved her hands from him. Cecilia gave him a silly giggle. “I couldn’t help but feel that hair.”

“It’s okay,” he said without losing his cool. “Is that person part of Society?”

She shook her head no. “Ashton came here with me.”

Immediately after saying so, Cecilia smacked her hands over her lips, making it obvious that this “Ashton” was not supposed to be mentioned.


“Sorry! Please forget I ever said anything!”

“I should get going.”

“Oh, okay. Take care!”

As he stepped out the door, a thousand complicated assumptions filled his mind.


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