The Island of Xaynms

The Island of Xaynms | Story Seven: Cecilia & Ashton

They were sitting in Ash’s garden, with Cecilia gazing up at the stars, and Ash gazing at her. Ash showed no particular emotion at the moment, and for Cecilia, this was a good sign. For Ash, no emotion meant good mood. Even though Ash’s good mood could mean anything ranging from mild teasing to crazy partying.

Ash pulled Cecilia in from the back. “Why look at the stars when you have me?” the tone was forever alluring, like a fruity perfume.

“I’m wondering what you want me to show you tonight,” Cecilia answered. “Is it the sky? Is it the moon? Or is it the ocean?” She blinked with glee.

“I just want you to be you tonight,” Ash answered. “Tell me more…about Treyvian and Yinn.”

“Why? Are you interested in them?” There was no hint of jealousy in Cecilia’s tone. The only thing detected was curiosity.

“Come on, tell me…” Ash poked the side of her ribs, making her squeal.

And so, Cecilia told what she observed-maybe Yinn was in love with Treyvian. Yinn was here before Treyvian, and Treyvian was here before Ash and Cecilia…Treyvian didn’t seem to have that kind of interest in Yinn…

And so forth.

“That girl…Yinn, is she a good girl?” Ash asked.

“I think she’s a kind person.” Cecilia beamed. “She’s nice to me.”

“Even though Treyvian likes you?”


“Then she is a good girl…” Ash chuckled lightly, with a little bit of malice. “Thank you for this information, Cecilia…” the smirk grew as Ash drew Cecilia closer, the tips of their noses touching. “I’m not concerned about other good girls…so…” without finishing the sentence, their lips met. Gentle, sneaky. Just like the kisser.

At this time, Cecilia pulled off Ash’s ponytail, making the long, soft hair flowing in the night breeze.

When the kissing paused for a moment, Cecilia pulled Ash back in by the hair for more, but not before saying-

“Normally, you act like a man, but with your hair down, this is when I’m finally reminded that you’re Treyvian’s little sister.”

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